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Ground-Up Construction Projects in Texas

When you've decided to build a new structure for your business—whether it is a warehouse, office building or factory—you want reliable contractors who will not only work with your specific needs, but with your budget and schedule as much as possible.
You need United Constructors of Texas.
United Constructors of Texas understands that you want the building process to be as streamlined and hassle-free as possible. With our commitment to your complete satisfaction, we vow to do everything in our power to provide you a sustainable, quality product.

The Process That Gets Projects Done

We aren't an unorganized team thrown together. Each of our team members contributes to your project in an orderly, streamlined manner. Discover the process that will see you through from beginning to start.

Estimate Process

When you are considering quotes for your project, give United Constructors of Texas a call. We offer both free estimates and consultations customized to your individual needs, budget and preferences.
Once you've decided to proceed, then United Constructors of Texas will handle details such as schedules and subcontractors early so there are no issues later.
Ground Up Construction

Design Process

Through the design process, your project manager, administrator, architects and other team members will meet together to discuss blueprints, longevity and recommendations from all points of view—from real estate experts to design architects. Once we have the blueprints, we will show them to you for your approval.

Building Process

Throughout the building process, you are informed of every decision. We provide reliable project budget tracking. If there is anything in the budget that changes, you're updated immediately. There are always on-site supervisors for every stage of construction.

Close Out Process

Once the building is complete and every safety inspection has been passed, we make sure to complete the punch list, file all warranties and fulfill all other closing items.

Why Consider Ground-Up Construction?

If you have an existing building, why not remodel? That is a viable choice for many companies. However, ground-up construction offers many advantages:
  • Our real estate experts can help you decide on a prime location at a decent price
  • Ground-up construction will allow you to start from scratch, deciding on which shape, size and functionality you want your new building to have
  • You don't have to worry about updating plumbing, wiring or other systems

Ready to Build? Call Today

United Constructors of Texas is ready to help you construct your new structure in Texas. We know you want the best, and we have the experience, manpower and design prowess to provide you a beautiful, durable building, while also meeting your schedule and budget.
Call us today to schedule your free estimate and consultation.