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Designing a New Office? How to Build Your Brand Within

Modern loft style office
Are you presented with a blank slate for your new office layout? A large, open space to design for yourself is both a wonderful gift and a great responsibility. How will you create a space that works for employees and others while building the right office experience?
While many companies focus on the practicalities of cubicle or desk layout, space per person, and where to put the large equipment, you would do well to take some time to plan how you will use the layout to support your company's brand and personality. How can you do this? Follow these steps to success.
Define Your Goals
Start with a little visualizing and brainstorming. What do you want this office space to say to those who use it? What mood, tone, and personality do you want it to have? Do you want to encourage creativity, artistry, self-expression, or individuality? Or do you want it to feel relaxing, comforting, and homey? Do you want an energetic environment? A diverse workforce?
As a company, write down your intentions for this particular office space. These goals may or may not be the same as your company statements. If this is a "back office" area where customers and vendors are rare, you may want to focus on employee goals, such as balancing work and home life or making employees feel empowered.
Incorporate Brand Visuals
Think about your actual branding right from the beginning of the planning stages. Some companies have put a lot of work into building a brand right from the start, and other companies realize branding's value later on. Your brand should include a defined color scheme, logos, font (sizes, shapes, and colors), and icons.
Incorporate parts of your branding in the area without overpowering it. You may want to use brand colors for accent walls, furnishings, and trim. Put up a logo or include the company motto on a wall. You may also want to build in spaces for rotating items that reflect your brand's values, such as employee recognition, customer comments, or demonstrations of new products.
Work With Users
Consult with those who will be using the office space to find out how they feel about ways to include branding and meet your stated goals for the office. Without those users - usually employees - on board, all the branding in the  world isn't going to create a positive company experience. Ask for ideas on what they feel are the personality and core values of the company. Talk about ways that they'd like to see those values incorporated into their work space.
Of course, talking isn't the end of it. Implement employees' ideas and interests as much as possible so that your investment becomes a space they will actually support.
Go Big
Make a big gesture to really bring your company's personality and values home. This gesture could be something in the architecture itself, such as building a comfortable lounge with lots of greenery where employees can relax and recharge. Or it could be a daycare area to encourage young parents to enjoy a balance with their home life. You could put in a game room for people to power up during lunch or a pet station so that they can bring their pets to work on Fridays.
Your big focal point element should be clearly identifiable as an expression of your company's defining traits. It could be fun, youthful, elegant, eco-friendly, or inclusive.
Are you ready to get started creating an office space that will be a valuable part of your company's overall brand and style? Start with a free consultation from United Constructors of Texas today. We're here to help you turn your company's values into a great place for employees to work.