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5 Factors to Help You Time a Large Commercial Renovation

Renovation Materials
Remodeling your business location is more complicated than even a large residential remodel. In addition to figuring out how to live at the site while it's being worked on, you also have to arrange for employees, vendors, clients, equipment, and even auditors or inspectors to come and go. How can you make the best choice as to the timing of a large commercial renovation? Here are five factors to use in deciding.


Weather is a factor in large renovations due to several factors. First, winter hazards can cause delays in material transport or stop outside work for a day or longer. Inclement weather may cause brickwork or concrete to take longer than expected. Extreme heat can have the same effect. If you need to keep the project strictly on time, skip the unstable weather seasons. 

On the other hand, you can save some money and get more attention if you choose a renovation during an unpopular time of the year. If you can weather more risk of the impact on your business, renovating during the winter could be a good way to make your repair budget stretch further and possibly get more work done for the same cost. 

Business Cycle

What is the best time in your annual or monthly business cycle to have business disruptions? While there's no good time to interrupt business and have construction mess around, there are likely times that are better than others. If you're a retail location, assess the ebb and flow of your customer base over the past year or two to decide when there's less traffic. 

In addition to customer traffic, think about upcoming business projects. You probably don't want to put your workshop into chaos if you plan to test new equipment or a new operating system, open a new division, or train a lot of temporary workers at the same time. 

Employee Size

You'll have to accommodate your employees' work spaces during a large remodel.  Make this job easier by choosing a time when your employee count is lower than it is at other seasons. If you're a cyclical business, such as a construction-based business or outdoor company, this time could be during the winter when work is slower. You may also be able to control the size of the employee pool by arranging for time off for a particular department or building during a slow season. 

Project Timing

Work with your contractor to create a workable timeline for the project. Commercial contractors have plenty of experience working around their business customers' schedules and finding other work areas for employees. The contractor can also help you design a staggered work schedule that allows you to vacate one area by moving work into another area. Dividing the construction into phases and scheduling them separately allows you to funnel the work into times when it's better for your business. 


Take the time to put good plans in place before jumping into a big project. Unless the renovations are urgent, give your business time to prepare properly for the disruption even if you have to put it off for a short period. Work with employees, department managers, vendors, and clients to decide when everyone can be ready.

What constitutes being ready? Work up a plan for keeping business continuity, using alternate locations, protecting materials during the transition, meeting client needs, working remotely, enhancing office mobility, and timing other company changes. 

Are you ready to start planning for your big commercial renovation? At United Constructors of Texas, we have years' of experience making the transition successful for Texas businesses of all sizes and types. Let us help you too.