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3 Surprising Areas to Promote Your Brand With Your Restaurant Design

Restaurant tables

Your brand is like your name - it should be uniquely yours. When you're designing a restaurant, you're designing a space that will welcome guests to come in and stay a while. They will have ample time to form impressions of your business. Naturally, you want those impressions to be favorable but also in line with your specific brand.

Below are three surprising areas in your restaurant for promoting your brand.

Entrance Exterior and Interior

You know the adage about first impressions. Well, that adage is certainly true in promoting your restaurant brand. Indeed, potential customers may enter - or walk past - your restaurant based on the exterior entrance.

First of all, make your entrance easy to navigate. Potential diners may see your sign and want to patronize your establishment. However, it they have trouble finding or navigating the entrance, this difficulty sets a negative attitude in their minds from the onset.

For the exterior, utilize a combination of signage, lighting, and d├ęcor to promote the target ambience of your brand. For example, an Italian bistro might feature an awning and planters of flowers. A hipster eatery might feature neon and bright colors on a backdrop of clean lines. Either way, your logo should be prominently displayed.

The impression extends into the interior of the restaurant. Create an inviting atmosphere that still promotes the target ambience of your brand. When you look at the flow of your foyer, consider how best to welcome patrons as soon as they enter the restaurant. Your logo and brand colors should be clearly visible in this space as well.

Restaurant Lighting

Every restaurant must have a lighting plan in place. The method and level of illumination will vary according to the area. While the goal will naturally be to facilitate tasks, especially in the employee work areas, be deliberate in the aesthetics of the lighting in the customer areas.

The illumination plan helps create the mood within your restaurant, affecting not just the ambience but your customers' dining enjoyment. For example, the existence of a single chandelier in your restaurant creates an upscale ambience that will encourage customers to patronize it for special occasions. Track lighting can promote a casual atmosphere.

So, as you approach your lighting plan for the customer areas, attend not only to the illumination levels but also the types of fixtures. Don't focus on the dining room alone - the bathrooms and even hallways are also areas of focus for your illumination plan. Align all of these illumination areas with the style of brand you're promoting.

Bathroom Design

Most patrons will go to the restaurant bathroom. Therefore, give some attention to how you can promote your brand in this space. The most important aspect in bathroom design is good drainage and ventilation. Customers will equate a messy bathroom with a messy kitchen.

Design a color scheme for your restaurant, and carry this palette into the bathroom in the tile work and other design elements. For a more casual restaurant, incorporate your logo into the bathroom design.

You can also get very specific with the ambience in your bathroom. For example, if you want to promote a sense of elegance in a high-end setting, this feeling should carry through to the bathroom. Your choices in tile, vanity, and even layout should conform to that elegance. Indeed, you may want to incorporate a grooming area for this style of bathroom.

However, you could get creative in a restaurant that's aimed at a younger clientele. For example, some eatery bathrooms feature walls papered in posters or creative art installations. This style of bathroom will probably be more brightly illuminated and feature an open layout.

Promote your restaurant's brand in every space, including the above three surprising areas. United Constructors of Texas can help you with your restaurant construction.