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3 Reasons to Choose Ground-Up Construction Over Remodeling

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One of the most common problems faced by commercial property owners has to do with whether to remodel existing structures or replace them with new buildings. Undoubtedly, each method possesses advantages of its own. However, many business owners find that the ground-up approach provides better results over the long term.

Whether you have recently invested in a commercial property or need to make changes to accommodate your growing business, if you would like to learn more about the benefits of ground-up construction, read on. This article will discuss three compelling reasons why erecting new buildings make a better choice than remodeling old ones.

1. Better Functionality

When all is said and done, your commercial property must act as a functional home for your business. That means it must meet your business' day-to-day needs, but it must also provide you with room to grow. Both of these needs can be difficult to meet when renovating an older building. Simply put, such buildings were designed for businesses with much different needs than yours.

Employees in today's fast-paced business world expect certain amenities, which property owners are wise to provide for them. These include practical aspects like multiple, high-speed elevators. They also include space for things such as desks, gyms, cafes, and even bars for after-hours socializing.

Ensuring space for such things can be difficult with an older building, and it will also be expensive. It makes more sense to put that money into a building that was designed from the ground up to meet your company's existing — and constantly evolving — needs.

2. More Sustainability Options

Renovating an older building only gets harder when it comes to upgrading to greener and more sustainable features. Old plumbing and antiquated heating systems often have to be removed at great expense. Even then, the physical dimensions and layout of the building may make it more difficult to incorporate modern features.

Additionally, the actual building materials may hold you back from reaching your sustainability goals. For instance, the walls of older buildings generally fail to meet today's insulation standards. Today's buildings often feature walls constructed of aerated autoclaved concrete blocks, which offer unparalleled results when it comes to insulation.

Windows represent another problem area when it comes to older buildings. Many old buildings still contain single-paned windows, which are notorious for allowing heat to escape from the building. Ground-up construction allows you to take advantage of the latest trends in window design. This includes things like double- and triple-paned windows. When fitted out with smart glass, such windows can do wonders for your overall energy efficiency.

3. Modern Aesthetics

The benefits of ground-up construction extend beyond the worlds of functionality and sustainability. The appearance of your building is an important consideration moving forward. Face it, older buildings often appear notably dated, with design features behind those used by cutting-edge businesses today.

Building a new building from scratch allows you to work with architects to design a structure that truly evokes the spirit of your company. This will impact the outlook of you and your employees. Even more importantly, it will influence your customer base from the moment they pull up outside of your property. The value of such curb appeal simply can't be overstated.

As daunting as it may seem, starting from scratch often represents the best plan for the future health of your business. It will allow you to capitalize on all the gains of contemporary technology and design in order to ensure optimal results for your business. For more information about ground-up construction, please don't hesitate to contact the building pros at United Constructors of Texas.